Be a Smarter Parent for the smart children with iPhone Spy

Starting from the business to health the apps have invade everywhere. However, the iPhone Spy Apps   is something different being sympathetic about the parents. The best part is that you can have the thorough look on your children not being there nearby. The iPhone Spy application lets the user to have information about any phone... more →
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Mario Kart 8 Racing Game arrives on Android

Mario kart is a kart racing game developed by Nintendo. The game continues the traditional gameplay of the franchise , in which characters from the Mario universe race against each other in go-karts, , attempting to hinder their opponents or improve their racing performance using various tools found in item boxes. Returning... more →
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Word Monsters: The New Puzzle Game based on the words of Rovio

SUPER COMPETITIVE LEAGUES! From now on, the top two players in each division are promoted – and the bottom four players are demoted! Start swiping those words to secure your spot! Arrived for iOS in late March, Word Monsters, The new puzzle game finally makes its debut on Android. Developed by the software house  Raketspel  and... more →
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Free to Siege Castle Storm : The Strategy Game of Zen Studios on Google Play

Welcome to the universe of CastleStorm , Free to Siege, a game that combines the physical destruction and style 2D fighting game tower defense! CastleStorm is Free to Siege retains all the features of the acclaimed console version of the game! The Zen Studios , known for the famous Android Zen Pinball and variants Marvel and... more →
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ICEBREAKER: The Famous Puzzle Game arrives on Android

We continue our roundup today with a puzzle game rather appreciated by critics and the public at large, a title that has succeeded on  Metacritic to get in the top 20 in 2013 and to achieve a grade average of 87 : we’re talking about ” Icebreaker A Viking Voyage ” , which has finally made ​​its debut... more →
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MLB Perfect Inning : New Baseball Game in Google PlayStore

Hit off the baseball season with MLB Perfect Inning! Perfect Inning brings the heat with Major League Baseball.Experience a baseball game with amazing gameplay, exclusively for the mobile market. This game has high definition graphics with authentic MLB teams and players. Please make sure you have at least 1.2 GB of free space... more →
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EaseUS Data Recovery Software – Recover Lost Data Instantly

Technology has gone far beyond our imagination and we’re doing things with the help of todays’ tech that we didn’t think of doing. This is the information age but some of us might feel the urgency to delete the irrelevant data which might cost havoc in their systems. But, sometimes we create havoc in our systems by deleting... more →
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Salvation Fight the alien invasion Style Android Game

  About the game :A boy and his trusty dog travel to different planets searching for their stolen house. They fly from one planet to another to fight the thieves. Help the boy and his dog find and win back their home. Pretty planet landscapes and freaky aliens await you. We all know the 2D game that has enthralled players for... more →
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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5!! : Latest Update

It’s been about 10 days since the last news concerning one of  The most anticipated games of 2014 for android , the ‘ FPS Modern Combat 5 Gameloft. Just the software company had anticipated a few little detail about him, such as the fact that the adventure would begin in Venice, in the role of elite soldier Phoenix ,... more →
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Flappy48: The Demon Game updated for removing ads

  Flappy48  , the diabolical cross between two of the most talked-about games in recent weeks, in 2048  and Flappy Bird, updates on Google Play with two of the features announced by the creator of the game: the media to Google Play Games and the removal of ads advertising via purchase -app . Flappy48 combines the flapping... more →
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Angry Birds Star Wars II on the Amazon App Shop

The app of the day on Amazon App Shop is Angry Birds Star Wars II, the last chapter of Angry Birds dedicated to the saga that was born way back in May of ’77. This is the version without ads Advertising: Amazon is on the shop than on the Google fact have the free versions of the game but with precisely the advertisements,... more →
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Dark Lands: The Battle Runner Game arrives in Google Play Store

We talked in Februray of  Dark Lands : great success of Windows Phone , with over a million downloads in less than three months, average rating 4.7 out of 5 with 10,000 reviews. Developers began in February just a Kickstarter campaign to bring the game to other platforms and distance of a few weeks, with the help of well-known... more →
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SLINGSHOT BRAVES Online RPG Free Game arrives in Google Play Store

Start your adventure now! Play this new fantasy RPG together with your friends!Passion and courage flowing right out of your fingertips.Adventurers! Aim for the Twin Towers stretching to infinity, and battle onwards to your heart’s content! Slingshot Braves is an immersive fantasy RPG that lets you become an adventurer in... more →
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Tony Hawk’s Shred Session is Coming Soon to Android

Tony Hawk’s Shred Session , as you can guess from the name, is one of the games in the series inspired by the famous American skateboarder Tony Hawk . Shred Session will be devoted to mobile platforms: it was initially planned to be released only for iOS, but the software company responsible for the title, Activision has... more →
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Anomaly Defenders: New Tower Defense video of the 11 Bit Studios

Anomaly Defenders is the latest effort, as well as the closing title of the series Anomaly (which counts on Android Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, Anomaly Korea and Anomaly-2), the 11 Bit Studios , independent software house that was particularly active in the pipeline is another title rather expected by the press and by the user,... more →
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CSI Hidden Crimes : The Ubisoft Game inspired by the famous TV series

CSI: Hidden Crimes is a Hidden Object Game where you’ll find the atmosphere of the world famous TV show at the tip of your fingers. Team up with the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation crew to fight crime in Las Vegas! CSI and its spin-offs are undoubtedly among the TV detective series and most appreciated by the general public... more →
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OUYA Launches New Streaming Game Service

OUYA, is a microconsole  running its own version of the Android Operating Sysytem, developed by Ouya Inc. Julie Uhrman founded the project in 2012. She brought in designer Yves Behar  to collaborate on the design of the project, and Muffi Ghadiali as product manager to put together the engineering team. Development was... more →
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Final Fantasy IV by Square Enix at a discount to Play Store

The wait for the European release of mobile porting of Dragon Quest VIII is growing, although in the hearts of many fans already lies the certainty that this will never happen, at least not in the near future.To cheer this endless waiting, we are likely to encounter the same company, or Square Enix , with a discount important... more →
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Eredan Arena: The Interesting Card Game Feerik on Google Play Store

The Play Store is populated continuously collectible card games digital by the day, so as to make war with the classic clones Temple Run abd Flappy Bird . Between a copy and the other, however, sometimes comes out a few interesting title, as Eredan Arena for example, and we’re pretty confident that will act as a collegiate... more →
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PlayStation App Is Now Updated With Push Notifications And Upload Profile Photo

Bring the experience PlayStation  on your mobile device with the new PlayStation App! You’re always ready to play with the features that keep you connected to your friends and play games that you like. Send games from PlayStation ® Store to your system PS4  and prepare to play at home. PlayStation App for those who still... more →
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