How To Choose the Right Dog Toy

How To Choose the Right Dog Toy

Your furry friend will need the right toys and interactions to keep him or her happy and healthy. This includes having the right toys for the size, play style and safety of your pet. Luckily, there are a variety of different types and sizes of toys to inspire creative, interactive and healthy play for all types of dogs. It is also a good idea to switch up toys, so your pup has a variety to choose from and is not in danger from worn out or broken toys.

How To Choose the Right Dog Toy

Dog Size

The size of your dog will have more to do with the size of toys he or she will need than you may initially think. Some toys are designed for a bigger jaw and rougher play style of a large dog, for instance, where one designed for a small dog could quickly be a choking hazard for the same canine. To see a variety of vet products direct sell dog toys online, you can do a quick internet search for your size of dog and browse what is available. Toys too small for a big dog or too big for a small dog can be dangerous because they can injure their teeth or jaws, choke on small pieces or become frustrated with an inability to properly play with the toy.

Play Style

The way your dog prefers to play, and the ways in which you want to play with him or her, can make a big difference in the type of toy you choose. You can find balls, pull toys, treat toys and even puzzles to keep your pup entertained. Most dog puzzles involve your pup trying to figure out how to get to the treats inside and may be a good idea for the pet who eats too fast for his or her own good.

Variety in play style is a good idea because not every dog will want to chase balls, so you can also try flying discs for active outdoor play or get a rope toy to both chase and tug. Some breeds will have different preferred play types and some will need toys designed to teach skills or to engage other instincts. It is a good idea to have a variety of play styles represented in your toy box to help your pet find the best one for his or her preferred activity and switch it up once in a while to stay engaged.


To ensure the safety of your four-legged friend during play it is important to check the toxicity of the toy, the size of the dog it is designed for, and read reviews for the toy before purchase. This can help you determine whether it can offer your pet a fun and safe play time. Toy reviews can also help you determine how long a specific toy has lasted a dog similar in size and age to yours. For instance, a younger and larger puppy is more likely to destroy toys than an older and smaller dog.

Most toys will say on the tag, or in the online description, that they are non-toxic and safe for dogs. This is an important step because some toys will have fluff inside of them that can be dangerous for dogs to ingest or be finished with a sealant that they can chew off and swallow.

The right kind of toy can help inspire your pet to be active and interactive, bringing more joy to everyone involved as well as keeping your dog healthy. Healthy play engages your canine companion with favorite treats, sensations and puzzles, many can engage you in the play as well.