For buying large amounts of bitcoins, the best OTC brokers

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to develop, traders are searching for solutions to trade huge amounts of cryptocurrency anonymously. They are known as Over the counter (OTC) brokers, and they happen to be huge exchanges. If you’re interested in bitcoin trading visit bitcoinxapp.

In the traditional marketplaces, the exchange of securities not officially mentioned on central exchanges is facilitated by OTC brokers. These brokers can do business online or over the phone along with buyers and sellers.

What are the best OTC brokers?

OTC brokers promote Bitcoin trading along with other cryptocurrencies among two parties by offering a service. These transactions may be carried out with fiat currency (changing Euro or maybe US dollars for digital currencies such as Crypto or bitcoin) to crypto (changing currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum).

Below are the 10 best OTC brokers for Bitcoin: 


Coinbase is among the most well-known electronic currency exchange companies, established in 2011 and also headquartered in San Francisco, California. They’ve just released a specific subdivision for the control of crypto assets of company institutions known as Coinbase Prime. The platform provides innovative institutional trading capabilities, including OTC block trading, execution algorithms, margin finance, and much more.

MicroStrategy selected Coinbase Prime in 2020 because its principal execution partner to buy Bitcoin was well worth around $425 million. And this time around the platform has solidified its role by assisting the Tesla business purchase of USD 1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin.


Bitfinex was established in 2012 and it is a cryptocurrency exchange with a base in Hong Kong, with its head office in the British Virgin Islands. Bitfinex enables customers to privately exchange Bitcoin along with other crypto assets using its OTC services valued at USD 100,000 and/or more. The customers can immediately engage in OTC trading along with other Bitfinex customers or even obtain immediate liquidity by way of the OTC table of the platform.

Bitfinex unveiled a decentralised OTC exchange for trading ERC 20 tokens, known as Ethfinex Trustless. This particular exchange charges a price of 0.022%. Clients select the number of transactions and also the sort of tokens they wish to exchange/get. They must spend 0.02% of the charge for each transaction. The Ethfinex application is a peer-to-peer program so customers have no option but to search for buyers or obtain assistance from outside brokers.

Binance OTC

Being probably the most widely used cryptocurrency in the world, Binance does not require any introduction. Binance, like Kraken, additionally offers customised, heavy liquidity solutions to people as well as institutions that wish to exchange big Bitcoin and other digital currencies anonymously.

Binance OTC desk provides Bitcoin OTC trading and supplies with a variety of crypto-to-crypto pair trading choices including Ripple/ Litecoin. Presently, Binance OTC provides for the trading of over seventy-five various tokens and cryptos.

Binance OTC’s minimum industry size is USD 10,000, enabling even typical regular traders to make the most of huge Bitcoin trading. They are focused on one-on-one trading support as well as quick settlements, which can typically be completed in a few minutes.


Kraken is among the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges and was established in San Francisco in 2011. Throughout 2018, Kraken introduced its OTC solutions officially. It had become the premier OTC trading table for purchasing as well as selling Bitcoin as a result of its wide selection of supported digital currencies (above forty-five) along with seamless solutions. Kraken offers individual one-on-one OTC solutions from preliminary to closing deals. These solutions are provided twenty-four hours each day to clients from all over the globe.