Germany Cartel Office App Storefathimacrumors

germany cartel office app storefathimacrumors

Apple To Face Antitrust Probe Into Pre-Installed Apps In Germany

In a surprising move, it was revealed that an antitrust probe had been initiated against Apple by the German Federal Cartel Office. The probe has been initiated by Bundeskartellamnt based on the claims about Apple’s anti-competitive behavior. According to a press release, the scope covers the App Store, products, and other services Apple offers. The probe is set to determine if the tech giant has a significant position in the market through its ecosystem. The objective of the probe will also be to determine if Apple has made it difficult for other companies to challenge its position in the tech world.

what is germany cartel office app storefathimacrumors ?

The president of Bundeskartellamnt, Andreas Mundt, also published an official statement regarding the same. In the statement, he mentioned that they would be examining the iOS and the digital ecosystem around the operating system. The probe will also examine the level of integration across the services and how Apple is able to influence the business activities of these third-party apps. The press release didn’t clarify what would be the outcome of the investigation. However, it didn’t mention that the committee discourages anti-competitive behavior.

germany cartel office app storefathimacrumors

The probe was initiated after the company received complaints regarding the rollout of the App Tracking Transparency Framework. Some tech giants state that the new framework will hurt publishers and only benefit Apple. There is also a complaint about the pre-installed applications on Apple Devices. There have been new regulations in the US and Russia where Apple is required to allow users to delete all the pre-installed apps on their devices. So germany cartel office app storefathimacrumors means Apple Faces Antitrust Probe Into Pre-Installed Apps, App Store in Germany

Another ongoing dispute with Apple is about the commission that Apple charges for its in-app purchases. This commission amounts to 30% of the purchase value, and there is a restriction that the app can only be distributed on Apple devices through App Store.