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Instagram Close Friendsclovermacrumors

instagram close friendsclovermacrumors

Close Friends Feature Added on Instagram

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just share the story with your close friends instead of sharing it with all your followers? This will soon be possible on Instagram as Instagram is introducing a story feature called Close Friends. As per the new feature, you can share a story with a selected group of users. You can make close friends list on the application, and this way, you can choose whom you select the stories with.

what is instagram close friendsclovermacrumors ?

The close friend list will be more like a restricted user base that you can select. This way, your stories won’t be shared with everyone on the list. The feature will especially benefit the people who have open accounts on Instagram. The feature also allows you to share more personal moments in your chosen personalized group.

instagram close friendsclovermacrumors

Instagram can also create a list of close friends itself, and this is based on your interactions. People with whom you interact a lot will automatically be added to the list of close friends, and you can also choose to add more people or remove the people who were automatically added. This way, you can build a customized list for yourself. If you wish to find the list of close friends, you can click on the Instagram Profile menu and click on the close friends option from the side menu.

While uploading a story, you will be asked whom you want to share the story with. Here, you can select if you want to share the story with a wider audience or close friends. This helps you share the story with the selected group without unfriending or blocking other users. In addition, if you are a part of someone’s close friend list, you will see a green badge while viewing their stories. So instagram close friendsclovermacrumors means Instagram Launches Close Friends List for Sharing Stories .