3 Tips to Organize Your Storage Shed

3 Tips to Organize Your Storage Shed

Everyone could always use more space in their life, whether it means purging their clothes closet or organizing the junk out in the garage. One easy solution to the space crisis is to build or buy a portable storage shed. Although intentions may be good, the end result is usually just another cluttered waste of square footage. Here are some ways to reduce the chaos and get your storage shed organized.

3 Tips to Organize Your Storage Shed

Install Movable Storage

Part of the problem with storage space is the reliance on bulky and hard-to-relocate shelving. If your plan was to install metal shelving units, put some suspension casters on the legs before loading it up with junk. This way you can maneuver things around as you find new things to store. Some storage sheds also double as lawn care equipment storage, and those items can get bulky. Moving things to make space can keep you from dumping it all in a pile by the door.

Go Vertical With Storage

Storage sheds usually have a decent clearance on them, often about ten or twelve feet high. Unless specifically designed, this is a lot of dead space that can be used for storage. Metal hooks can be used to hang bicycles, lawn tools, or hoses. The most efficient use oft he space is to build shelving units that act like a loft space. Depending on how deep and tall you go with the shelf (make from old boards and plywood), you can store boxes or rubber totes with Christmas decorations, tools, or rarely used items.

Do a Thorough Purge

As you move through the shed to organize it, get rid of anything you don’t use and don’t need. If you aren’t keen on taking it to the landfill, have a rummage sale or drop it off the local Goodwill. Your junk could be someone’s treasure.

Living with chaos in your storage shed defeats the purpose of the shed. Start with how you approach storage to see if you can help the space make more sense.