5 Uses of Circuit Boards

5 Uses of Circuit Boards

When most people think of computers, they think of a personal computer with a monitor, mouse and keyboard, but computers are in just about every electronic product in the world. The circuit board is what makes a computer, well compute.  It is the brain of the machine and without the circuit board, modern-day electronics couldn’t perform the tasks that consumers expect them to do. Here are 5 common and possibly surprising uses of circuit boards.

5 Uses of Circuit Boards

Consumer electronics

Circuit boards drive personal computer systems but they also can be found in microwave displays, toaster ovens, phones, and vacuums. Anything with a digital display has some circuits in it to make it work.


Modern cars, trucks, SUVs, and even tractors are integrated with complex computer systems. These systems not only make a stereo connect to a phone but regulate how much fuel is injected into an engine and then compile data through sensors to calculate fuel efficiency.

Industrial equipment

From soda filling to metal stamping, industry depends on integrated circuits in their machines to automate the manufacturing process. These computers control just about every aspect of making the products we consume every day. They even direct machines that print circuit boards for other machines. Click the link for a pcb prototype service in San Jose.


The innovative medical equipment in the US is second to none. This equipment utilizes circuit boards in equipment such as MRI machines and X-ray machines to produce high-quality imaging. Smaller boards are used in digital thermometers to determine temperature, and surgical scopes to help doctors see the damage inside a person’s body.


Think of all the intricate systems needed to fly a space ship up to the International Space Station. All of those components are made up of thousands of circuits that allow astronauts to navigate their ship and communicate with mission control.

Circuit boards are just about everywhere. They are not just for PCs anymore!