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5 Ways to Establish Privacy on Your New Home Property

5 Ways to Establish Privacy on Your New Home Property

So, you’ve bought a home, but you notice that your new neighbors are especially nosey. Instead of coming over to say hi and welcome you to the neighborhood, they peer out the blind, make complaints to other neighbors, and constantly watch you from a distance. Creepy, but not too uncommon. Some neighbors are simply like that. However, you can put a stop to it by establishing a stronger perimeter of privacy to encompass your new home and property.

5 Ways to Establish Privacy on Your New Home Property

Fence in Your Yard for Privacy

Fences, especially tall and wood-slatted fences, are the ideal way to garner privacy for your new home. While fences can be costly, it’s worth the expense because most fences, when well-treated, last for decades, upholding your privacy for as long as you are a resident in your new neighborhood. Fences also offer up a sense of security and safety.

Get a Dog or Two

Dogs are wonderful companions and most breeds are fantastic guards. You can better protect yourself and your family’s privacy with a reliable pup to alert you when someone comes into your yard. Train them well to stave off protective attacks, but keep these pups around for companionship and privacy enforcement.

Post Signs as a No Nonsense Approach to Visitors

Most neighborhoods are subjected to some degree of solicitors, especially in the summertime. However, you can let those nosey people know that you have no interest in what they’re peddling by posting no nonsense signs. For example, a No Solicitors sign is blunt, to-the-point, and expressive without being rude. If you feel the need to drive your point home, a Beware of Dog or No Trespassing sign would do the trick. You could even use Olympus dictation equipment to make a recording that plays to solicitors at your front gate.

Tint Your Home Windows

When all else fails, ask a professional to tint your home windows. This allows you to see outside without nosey neighbors and prying eyes seeing inside. Sure, it’s a drastic measure, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Build a Screened-In Deck for Private Outdoors Enjoyment

Screened-in decks are great ideas for two reasons. One is for privacy, of course. But you can also entertain friends and loved ones while outdoors without worrying about bugs. For bigger decks, you should totally seek out a reliable professional. But for smaller decks, it’s a cinch to build it yourself, as well as a little less costly.

If your neighbors are getting the better of you, there’s always the “talk it out” option. Introduce yourself, explain how you like your privacy, and let them know that you are open to conversation anytime so they don’t have to pry.