CSI Hidden Crimes : The Ubisoft Game inspired by the famous TV series


CSI: Hidden Crimes is a Hidden Object Game where you’ll find the atmosphere of the world famous TV show at the tip of your fingers. Team up with the CSI: Crime Scene Investigation crew to fight crime in Las Vegas!

CSI and its spin-offs are undoubtedly among the TV detective series and most appreciated by the general public here in Italy. They will then be happy fans of the show both games so-called ” Hidden Object “of the recent arrival of Google Play published by Ubisoft titled ” CSI: Hidden Crimes “.

Discover & explore a crime scene, process it to find clues, analyze them – use your brain to patch it all together and get one more criminal off the streets of Las Vegas. Logic & observation will be your key talents!

CSI: Hidden Crimes is written by CSI: Crime Scene Investigation writer Jack Gutowitz.
Feel the excitement of being on a case, find glory in unlocking a game-changing situation, team up with friends to progress faster in game and put murderers behind the bars. But watch out, as with any episode, the unpredictable can always happen!

CSI: Hidden Crimes brings you new episodes regularly & is accessible on Smartphones & Tablets. Play whenever you want, wherever you need!

About the franchise:
“CSI: Hidden Crimes” is based on “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” which is a three time winner of the Best Television Drama Series awarded by the Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo, and was named the most watched show in the world for the 5th time in 2012.

Game available in: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Korean.

The similarities with Criminal Case , one of the Facebook games of the most popular and played together in Candy Crush Saga, are more than obvious, but with the addition of the frame of the game and then the players who made ​​the famous TV series . We are located in Las Vegas and we are part of the team of DB Russell . We will have, in various locations, find hidden objects and solving environmental puzzles to solve various cases that there will be proposed. CSI Hidden Crimes is availablefor free on Google Play for smartphones and tablets, and of course offers in-app purchases optional. To access all the features of the game you may be prompted to sign in with your Facebook account .

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