Do you need a cloud-based intranet software?

Do you need a cloud-based intranet software?

As everything is going online, a cloud-based intranet software air helps you get a convenient and simple alternative to the traditional software.  Do you know what exactly happens in the cloud model? The provider himself maintains and manages everything, and the customer only needs to pay a licensing fee and then enjoy using it. Well, each and everything is getting advanced with the technology, why shouldn’t you and your business? So, below are some benefits of cloud based intranet software that will help you decide whether to go for it or not:

Do you need a cloud-based intranet software?

Advantages of cloud based intranet software:

Although you can find both on-premises as well as cloud best software in the market, it is assumed that you are looking for an online one. So, below are a wide array of benefits associated with a cloud-based intranet solution that can help in enhancing your business.


Scalability is one of the essential components these days. Almost every cloud-based software is developed by considering the scale as they will be adding more customers frequently. The best part of this software being scalable is that you can operate them even when you need them the most as they are combined with fault tolerance as well as high availability.


Everyone dreams that they had more time in their everyday life! One of the significant benefits this software holds over on-premise is the time taken by it to start. You can make these applications run within hours. When it comes to on-premise, you will be required to buy and deploy physical hardware, and it will take weeks to begin.


If you cannot access them from wherever you want, it’s of no use! Top intranet software is accessible no matter where you go because they are developed in a way that can be used from every corner of the world.

With the increasing growth and flexibility of organisations, it generally happens that team members work from different locations around the world. Irrespective of the place or time, it is required for employees to access the intranet on mobile and desktop. It gets difficult with on-premise software because there are so many restrictions, including infrastructure, bandwidth, and many more.


One of the most important aspects people should consider is the compliance and security of data. When you use cloud-based software, you get a benefit because the data comes across a range of security and compliance programs.

You’re the end-user, and you need to keep an eye on all the security controls as well as data that are within your intranet. Your Cloud provider makes sure that nothing happens to your security and intranet vendor checks on infrastructure and platform.


This is a word that makes us get sweaty! When you talk about on-premise software, it will always cost you more to operate. Choosing an on-premise intranet software means that it will take more time to build as well as cost more in purchasing and licensing.

Other costs involve:

  • Software licensed
  • Hardware
  • Maintainable of the needed components

And when you talk about a cloud application, it generally removes various components and people and thus costs less to run in the long run.

By going through all the benefits given above, you must be pretty clear that there’s no better choice than upgrading and adapting yourself with the new advancements. So, if you’ve planned to start on your cloud journey and are looking for the best company intranet software, you’re at the right place! Here our intranet specialists are eagerly waiting to help you out.