How Your Employees Can Use Instagram to Benefit Your Business and get more Instagram followers

How Your Employees Can Use Instagram to Benefit Your Business and get more Instagram followers

How Your Employees Can Use Instagram to Benefit Your Business and get more Instagram followers

If you want to increase visibility for your brand on the biggest photo-sharing app Instagram and having thought to get involve your employees then you are at the right place. Because in this article, you can discover how you can boost your marketing efforts on Instagram and get Instagram followers by using the profiles of your employees.

Encourage Your Employees to Use Instagram

First off, encourage your employees to use Instagram and make them your brand ambassadors. That way you can spread your message in an effective way through multiple Instagram accounts. Because, if you are a business owner, you can create only one Instagram account for your company. Although, you can’t control the content that your employee post on their personal profile but you can ask them to mention your brand what they post related to your product. Especially those employees such as customer care/support team, the salesperson who is using their Instagram account to represent your brand

Ask Employees to Link to Your Instagram Account in Their Profile Bio

If you want to boost the visibility of your brand’s Instagram account then ask your employees to include the username of your brand/business in their profile bio. That way, people who visit the profiles of your employee will get a link (clickable) of your business’s account on Instagram.

Drum Up Visibility with the Engagement of your Employee

Every brand or business wants more engagement for their posts on your business account. Let your employees know about your new update on Instagram by company email. This will make your posts more visible. Also, it will likely to appear in the search bar. Anyone who is the follower of your employee and liked your content may see that post on their search bar. That way, you can get Instagram followers, more post engagement and more visibility. If you’re wanting to really try to bolster the Instagram of your company, make sure to look into other ways and strategies to increase instagram followers   online.

Encourage Employees to Post to Instagram From Work

If you want that more content appears when visitors view your location page on Instagram them ask your employees to take some photos or videos at work and post these photos and videos on their profile with location tagging and mention your business account’s username in the caption. Although, you can’t regulate what other Instagram users share on the location page of your business you can ask your employees to post high-quality content on your location page. Suggest your employees take good photos of your new products, activities within your office and many more. These type of posts will improve the quality of the content of your location page and you will get more visibility and followers.

Ask Employees to Repost From Your Business Account

It is one of the best ways to get real Instagram followers and better visibility. When your employees repost your photos or videos then more people see your content. Ask them to use repost for an Instagram app that will make this process super easy. This app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

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