Eredan Arena: The Interesting Card Game Feerik on Google Play Store

Eredan Arena Android Game

The Play Store is populated continuously collectible card games digital by the day, so as to make war with the classic clones Temple Run abd Flappy Bird . Between a copy and the other, however, sometimes comes out a few interesting title, as Eredan Arena for example, and we’re pretty confident that will act as a collegiate trinket while waiting for the imminent release of  Hearthstone on Android.

« A perfect balance of strategy and luck. I also enjoy the artwork thoroughly.» Nozakuboy ★★★★★
« Great game really simple but still has great depth in strategy » Smwolf ★★★★★
« This is the best game I’ve played on my I phone 5s . » King Capo ★★★★★


You know me? I’m Amnezy! The superb arena you can see here is mine. You
wonder what you’re doing here? Look at the people all around: they are
your new team mates. On the other side of the arena, your enemies are
waiting to fight.

Will you survive?!

After the incredible success of EREDAN iTCG, FEERIK invites you to play its new collectible card game: EREDAN ARENA.

Choose your 5 heroes wisely and use the fighting dice system to smash up your enemies!

After the substantial success of  Eredan ITCG ,  Feerik back to focus again on the same value with allEredan Arena . Same setting but different gameplay, however, always based on the installation of the card game, but removing the deck and the PvE component : in this last effort of the French study, each player will have only provided a package of five cards, and each of these represent a character in one of the five guilds with useful powers to counter the opponent in fierce battles in PvP .

The combat system is fairly simple to learn, but promises a strategic component of the bottom rather rich, though supported by the system says , game mechanics that uses dice to determine certain elements in the game. Eredan Arena is available on Play Store for free , and promised sections of the game suitable for both the hit and run, in which the most intense. The free-to-play model is supported by the canons in-app purchases. We leave you with the relevant information material: good fun .

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