Final Fantasy IV by Square Enix at a discount to Play Store

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The wait for the European release of mobile porting of Dragon Quest VIII is growing, although in the hearts of many fans already lies the certainty that this will never happen, at least not in the near future.To cheer this endless waiting, we are likely to encounter the same company, or Square Enix , with a discount important enough for another of his porting, namely Final Fantasy IV .

FINAL FANTASY IV was the first game to introduce the ATB system (activation Round Battle), which became synonymous with the series. It also introduced the system of Augment, which allows you to acquire the skills of other characters, giving the player an edge in combat.

But that’s not all, this legendary title has in fact other interesting features:

– Dubbing of the scenes most significant
key events taking place through spoken dialogue.

– Emotions in the foreground
The characters go through different emotional phases.

– New feature mapping
Players face the basement with a map initially empty, which adds an element of the unknown to the action!

– Jukebox
Players can listen to the music of the game at any time.

In our review, we defined it ” a milestone to play live and to better understand the evolutionary process that led to the growth of Japanese RPGs “, awarding it a resounding 8.5 . Among the defects of production stood out as a general transposition of the Nintendo DS mobile platforms only discreet, and not just an affordable price ( € 14.99 ).

For a limited period of time, however, can take it home for € 7 , a cost decidedly more inviting than that initially proposed. We leave in companion of our video review of the game: good vision and good fun.

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