Flashout 2: The Futuristic Racing Game available on Google Play Store


Flashout 2 – the sequel of the widely Flashout Racer 3D – is now available! Choose one of the aeroscafi the world’s fastest and uses your arsenal of rockets, cannons, bonuses and upgrades for everything from gas to success!

As mentioned in the title, Flashout 2 is a futuristic racing game , inspired by one of the great classics of console games: Wipeout . Board a powerful aeroscafi and we will launch mode career or in themultiplayer with an all new graphic engine with a powerful arsenal of weapons with which to defeat our opponents on tracks scattered all over the world. Many of the features that characterize the new game Jujubee: multiplayer, perhaps one of the most important, you can choose from various modes like Elimination, Destruction and 1 vs. 1.

Flashout 2 offers a new and exciting approach to the races, with a career so full of news and interesting stories, commands, greatly improved, a very advanced game physics, opponents demanding and many other interesting items! In addition, the game allows you to challenge your friends on the Internet thanks to the multiplayer mode and provides many different options (eg. Way Disposal, Destruction and 1-on-1)!

Flashout 2 is also characterized by the very high quality of the graphics and controls very accessible, thanks to which you can focus on the action of the game. As if that were not enough, you’ll have the ability to use different controllers and enjoy the pleasant soundtrack! Also, the game has the so-called “corrective graphic” – that mechanism, through the analysis of real-time music – suitable for the characteristics of the visual effects!


– Experience addicting game!
– Career Mode developed and addictive!
– Ability to play for free on the Internet in multiplayer mode, with different playing modes!
– Graphics-art, as in the best console!
– Electronic Music authorized!
– 10 futuristic circuits with large richness of detail (among them there are Los Angeles, Moscow, Frankfurt, Warsaw, Paris and other!)
– Dozens of unique races!
– new and unique game modes (Destruction, Disposal and 1-on-1)!
– Aeroscafi fast, with a wide range of improvements!
– Weapons in death
– Commands precise, pleasant and comfortable!
– Fully compatible with the phone’s accelerometer!
– Tons of useful bonuses and spectacular!
– Opponents savvy and demanding!
– Concealer chart – visual effects changed according to the music!
– Great graphic effects!
– Ability to choose between different control modes!
– Vibration (if supported on device)
– Integrated with Twitter and Facebook!
– And much more!

Language: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian.

We can count on the support to the controller and the graphics engine also can boast of so-called “correction chart “, a mechanism that analyzes music in real time and adapts the characteristics of the visual effects on circuits. A further season all also much electronic music quality! In short, a very complete racing game in many respects. To assess the full potential, here are served with the trailer of the title, with some screenshots and, of course, with the badge for download. Flashout 2 will come to cost you € 1.99 and, as reported on Google Play, there are in-app purchases . Have fun!

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