Future of Clean Energy

Future of Clean Energy

As the world continues to become more aware of the urgency of renewable resources and clean energy, there are positive developments being made every single day. Technology and innovative developments push this industry forward every single day, and legislation and broad structural changes will help create a better future for all involved. With the internet helping to share the wealth of information and alternative energy photography capturing inspirational updates along the way, the conversation only continues to become louder. Check out these new developments in the future of clean energy.

Future of Clean Energy


One of the most promising forms of renewable energy is in wind power. Wind is ultimately renewable and inexhaustible, and, when harnessed correctly, can create a better and cleaner form of energy for the future. Wind energy is captured by wind turbines: these convert the raw, mechanical energy into electricity, then sent by power lines into neighborhoods and homes. The United States Department of Energy is working to expand wind farms to more locations, projecting enough locations to harness one third of the nation’s energy by the year 2050. One major development is in the concept of offshore wind farms. As wind is almost always moving in these locations, it will be easier to capture and use.


Solar energy has been increasing in popularity for some time, but unfortunately still poses a major cost barrier for most Americans. One major development into the new year is related to that cost, though. The federal solar tax credit is expected to continue decreasing and should taper down as time passes. Additionally, this will allow the market to respond in the form of more solar options like transportation and charging stations. Cars are adapting to these changes as well. Specifically, electric cars are being fitted with solar charging stations, allowing a vehicle to be 100% based off of renewable resources. As these changes grow, the world will slowly become a greener place.

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