How to Choose Concealed Carry Clothing

concealed carry options for women

concealed carry options for women

When it comes to women wanting to choose proper clothing for concealed carry firearms, it presents a unique challenge that men do not have to face. This is because their bodies are obviously shaped much different than that of a man.

The first thing that needs to be considered is what type of holster will be worn. A good holster should have one main function and that is to cover the trigger guard entirely. This is an absolute must and should never be compromised. The holster should be capable of holding the gun in a completely secure fashion.

The holster which is chosen should be chosen on the ability to fit the model of your gun or at the very least fit the size and type of the gun. It should also be able to fit your body and to your clothing. This is why it’s important to do your research into the type of holsters available to you and your firearm. Websites like¬†are great to visit to take a look at the types of holsters you can choose for your gun, and the best brands to shop with.

With a man, it is very easy for them to choose one, possibly two, holsters and leave it at that. This is because the typical man has a limited style of clothing they wear. WOmen are far different, however. The average woman had a vast wardrobe with many different styles of clothing. Therefore, this necessitates them having to have several different styles of holsters.

For maximum efficiency, the holsters should perfectly match the style of clothing you most normally wear. This can be quite simple to achieve by buying not only small concealed carry options for women but larger sizes also if the clothing you are wearing is of the baggy variety.

As you can see, there are some different decisions which must be made in regards to buying for women’s clothing versus buying for men’s clothing, However, with the right amount of pre-planning, it can still be done quite easily. Never forgo your concealed carry rights just to satisfy a fashion craze.