How to Protect the Pipes in your Company ?

how to protect the pipes

Pipes keep the country and the world going. They feed water to people and move sewage away. Oil is sent through pipes to refineries. The fuel produced is sent through other pipes to load onto trucks.

Due to their importance, pipes need to be constantly maintained. For dry goods and those at room temperature, this isn’t normally a problem. With proper maintenance and cleaning, these pipes can last for many years without replacement.

how to protect the pipes

Pipes with Problems

Then you have pipes that transport caustic chemicals or high-temperature liquids. These are harder to maintain. Without protection, these pipes can quickly corrode. Pinholes can form and accumulate to the point these liquids seep out.

Overall, if these pipes aren’t protected, then the company is at risk. Not only can their productivity go down but they may also risk the safety of their plant and its employees.

Vulcanized Pipes

The solution is to purchase pipes that have been vulcanized. In other words, companies need to install rubber lined pipes. These transportation tubes, made by companies like Moon Tanks, feature an interior lined with vulcanized rubber.

This coating is both heat resistant and anti-corrosive. Therefore, those types of liquids can flow through the pipes without risk of quick deterioration. Because of this, the company does a few things.

First, it maintains or increases productivity. Because lines don’t have to be taken out of service for constant maintenance, there’s little or no downtime. Second, safety is enhanced. Since risk to the employees’ health is minimized, their positivity about the company increases along with productivity.

Third, revenue increases. Though there is a spike in costs when a company purchases rubber lined pipes, the return on investment is greater as safety claims aren’t made. Nor or fines paid since the lining prevents seepage.

In conclusion, why wouldn’t a company go with rubber lined pipes to transport their hazardous liquids? Saving a few dollars shouldn’t get in the way of a company’s health. If they protect the pipes, then they protect themselves.