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Gameloft’s Modern Combat 5!! : Latest Update


It’s been about 10 days since the last news concerning one of  The most anticipated games of 2014 for android , the ‘ FPS Modern Combat 5 Gameloft. Just the software company had anticipated a few little detail about him, such as the fact that the adventure would begin in Venice, in the role of elite soldier Phoenix , charged with overseeing a shipment of weapons of mass destruction obviously targeted by a group of terrorists.

Gameloft is always to reveal more interesting details about Modern Combat 5. Meanwhile, a small note that we had not specified in the previous article: the missions that characterize the title will be short and intense, designed specifically to be played everywhere, as befits our platform. The new details regarding the progression system and classes . Both the single player campaign is the multiplayer game modes will be able to boast a unique progression system, which means for example that unlocking weapon in singleplayer we also exploit in PvP arenas. The same goes for skills, which will be reflected in both situations.

But because we are talking about Skill ? One of the novelties of Modern Combat 5: Blackout concerns precisely the presence of the classes . We can choose between four different specializations-style role-playing game, they will have skills and a progression system. Let’s see what are these four classes:

  • Assault – aggressive fighter particularly effective at medium range. Equipped with assault rifle and pistols.
  • Heavy – the classic heavy support, with greater strength and heavy weapons: RPG and shotgun.
  • Ranger – soldier fast, focused on finding the weaknesses of their opponents. Equipped with SMG and pistols prefers the short-range battlefield.
  • Sniper – could not miss the sniper, focused on “stealth” and on eliminating enemies from a distance.

Just to feed even the most ‘ hype we leave you again with the trailer , in case you’ve forgotten, or simply would like to remind you why it is one of the most anticipated games of the year.