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MLB Perfect Inning : New Baseball Game in Google PlayStore


Hit off the baseball season with MLB Perfect Inning! Perfect Inning brings the heat with Major League Baseball.Experience a baseball game with amazing gameplay, exclusively for the mobile market. This game has high definition graphics with authentic MLB teams and players. Please make sure you have at least 1.2 GB of free space on your device.
MLB Perfect Inning requires network connection to play.

This busy day gaming begins with a nice sports game that unexpectedly comes from the Korean software company Gamevil , which perhaps many of you know for hack’n’slash series entitled  Zenonia .  MLB Perfect Inning is the title of the game dedicated to the sport of Baseball, which can also count in Italy a fair number of  fans.

By means of MLB licensing, MLB Perfect Inning is proud to offer an outstanding cast of all 30 MLB teams including a roster of 215 distinctly modeled players.

The developers of MLB Perfect Inning have proudly designed their player models by mirroring their real life counterparts as accurately as possible. A resulting 215 MLB Player Modeling System along with detailed 150 MLB Player motion capturing of 75 pitchers and 75 batters raise the standard of authenticity.

Start your season by choosing your favorite team and acquiring your favorite players to build an all-star cast worthy of the Championship Crown.

We anticipate that this is not a light game: in addition to being required approximately 1.2 GB free on your device, since the graphics engine that pushes the whole GAMEVIL suggests performing devices.MLB Perfect Inning can count on the licensed MLB official , who allowed the software company to include in its new game well 30 teams in the American League Baseball and well 215 players , each characterized by its own statistics and three-dimensional models made ​​specifically.


Draft your favorite Major League players and build the ultimate baseball team.
Train or trade your players and level up player’s skills and stats to buff up your roster.
Adjust your lineup and formation the way you see fit.
Keep your players in good form by restoring Condition and Stamina.

From Batting Practice to Post Season, MLB Perfect Inning offers a variety of modes to match your passion for baseball!
Play and save up to five seasons with an option to replay any season.

Perfect Inning offers multiple play options to fit your style of gameplay.
• AI Play – Let your team play on its own through an AI simulation.
• Chance Play – Intervene and play only at crucial moments.
• Attack Play – Play offense only.
• Full Play – Complete the entire match manually.


Set and achieve season goals, complete missions, record achievements, and top the Team / Player MVP rankings.Reach each milestone and claim awesome rewards.

Baseball fans will find in MLB Perfect Inning a very complete game . Obviously, being free download, this is a title free-to-play supported by in-app purchases . We leave you with a long movie showing the first 30 minutes of the game, along with some screenshots and download the badges. Have fun andstay tuned , many new gaming arriving on the pages of AndroidWorld!