Salvation Fight the alien invasion Style Android Game


About the game :A boy and his trusty dog travel to different planets searching for their stolen house. They fly from one planet to another to fight the thieves. Help the boy and his dog find and win back their home. Pretty planet landscapes and freaky aliens await you.

Salvation flight 2

We all know the 2D game that has enthralled players for years, but still many developers are inspired by this title. The house has launched its developer Foggy bus a game like that called Salvation .


Do not expect the simple Pong, that is, one single colored background with two drumsticks that contend a ball, but in Salvation everything will be more articulate. The idol of this game are a brave boy and his trusty dog that you will only see in the comics that explain history.

The aliens have visited the earth, and before returning to his world have taken away a souvenir: the home of the boy. Stealing a spaceship, the young man will go into their world to recover their homes.

As we said, the main characters if you do not you will not see in the illustrations which explain the evolution of the adventure. The game, however, remember a lot of the classic game. We are on a scenario invaded by aliens and the only way that you will have to kill them is to hit them with a ball of light that will be rejected by the classic Pong bars that more closely resemble the springy platforms .

The slats are positioned on either side of the stage and protect the glass plates that must not be broken by aliens. There will be many types of monsters and some will not only targets to be removed but also represent a danger. Details creatures will be equipped with laser guns that will fire to break down the side plates.

The fire emitted from the monsters looks like the ping pong ball that you will bounce back andparry these “bullets” you always use the slats.

The rebounds, therefore, will allow you to kill the aliens and the level will end only when all the monsters will be deleted. The last mission of the game, they will reach the Boss more difficult to break down, ie requiring more “touches” to be eliminated.

The controls are very intuitive of Salvation, in fact, simply place your thumbs on the ends of the screen and move your two fingers. No need to do anything else.


Graphics and sound

The HD graphics of the game is very colorful, and each level will soon be flooded with a lot of aliens. The game is quite repetitive, but at least the environments will often change: the backgrounds of the game will sport other elements of the place (all quite bizarre) and, moreover, will fight with both the light with both the dark.

As for the music, we have a nice soundtrack in the menu and a more “combat” during the game. Furthermore, there are also the sounds, such as the noise of the ball collides treadmills (style Ping Pong).

Description of the game

-beautiful and colorful graphics!
-an abundance of unique locations!
-intuitive and dynamic gameplay!
-simple and self explaining controls!
-48 levels with increasing difficulty Rules!
-Support for HD display!

Rules of the game:
-move the metal plates across the glass surface to hit the ball and to defend against the enemy shells.
-be aware that the ball and the shells are only allowed to hit the same spot on the glass surface three times.



Salvation is a game that has revised the classic Pong and made it colorful and fun. In addition, you can download for free from the Play Store, but apparently you can only play the first world. The full version costs € 0.99.