How To Set Your Business Up for Remote Working Success ?

How To Set Your Business Up for Remote Working Success

Many companies are transitioning their work environment to allow more flexible working hours and locations for their employees. This is often seen as a significant employment benefit and is valued at least as much as pay rate and other paid benefits. As companies see more and more of their work being done from locations outside of a central office, there are a few key things to keep in mind. If you’re considering providing more flexibility to your employees, pay attention to the following areas for an easier transition.

How To Set Your Business Up for Remote Working Success


In the absence of frequent face-to-face encounters, businesses need to be proactive in establishing communications systems that allow their work teams to keep on top of important issues. In addition to standard communication tools such as email and phone calls, many companies find value in team collaboration tools. These can allow teams to keep track of conversations on various topics all in one centralized, organized location.


Having a remote workforce does not mean giving your employees complete freedom and control of their own work practices. Establishing and sharing solid remote work policies will help your employees know what is expected of them, and will allow for clear communications if expectations are not being met. These policies might include such items as core work hours during which employees are expected to be available or specific metrics that will be used to keep track of productivity.

Remote Support

For your employees who work in an office, it’s often easy to provide tech support or show someone how to perform a new task. When your employees work from home, they don’t need any less support. Be sure you have the tools in place for your technology department to help troubleshoot tech issues remotely. Also, streamline your training pathways for easy access by remote workers.

Increased flexibility around working conditions is a growing trend in many industries. With the right tools in place, offering freedom of working location to your employees can be a great benefit.