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How to Snag a Great Property Deal

How to Snag a Great Property Deal

Real estate can be a competitive market, and if you are an investor or in desperate need of the perfect home, you can’t afford to arrive at the party late. If you want to reduce the risk of having someone else snag your dream property before you, look for an opportunity to buy off market property. There are several ways to fund these deals.

How to Snag a Great Property Deal

Go Through a Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents often have access to a master buyer and sellers list, where some of the sellers are prompted to sell based on the market conditions. Some agents also have pocket listings, where are exclusive rights to sell a property. This means it won’t be listed on the MLS. These types of properties can be more of a secret and backburner priority for agents, so don’t be surprised if an agent refuses to make any disclosures.

Internet Sites

There are some internet sites where you will find listings of exclusive investment properties. Some of these sites have exclusive listing rights, so again, you won’t find the property a regular MLS listing sheet. Online or internet-based auctions may also have property potential, but this often requires a different paperwork process and strong financial resources.

Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

With a targeted mailer to your community, you may find exclusive properties to rent or own. For real estate agents, this has been a tried and true form of communicating special properties to thousands of potential buyers. If you have put out the word that you are looking for a certain location or property type, your mailer may convince some to put up their home for sale but straight to you.

These are three great ways to snag a good deal on a property, long before anyone else has had the chance to take a tour. Making sure your finances are in good standing or having preapproval paperwork can help complete the transaction more quickly.