Things To Consider When In The Market For An Industrial Mixer

Whether you are planning to open your own bakery or are the purchaser for a warehouse that needs equipment, buying industrial-sized items can be a big deal. They can be really costly and you need them to be able to perform at certain standards. One such item that some will need to purchase are industrial mixers. These are necessary for mixing a variety of ingredients in a way where they get blended perfectly. Only purchase a ribbon mixer or other type of mixer from reputable companies such as .


The first and most obvious thing to take into consideration when in the market for an industrial mixer is the size you need. The answer to this will greatly depend on what you are making in it and how much you need made at once. Mixers can come in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of the buyer.

Direct Drive vs. Belt Drive

Another consideration to think about is the choice between a belt drive and a direct drive. While traditional blenders use a belt drive to run the system, more modern mixers use a direct drive. This offers better control over the stopping and starting of the mixing operations. Any issues such as chain noise, belt slippage, belt stretching and excess overhung loads are eliminated when you choose a mixer using a direct drive over a belt drive.

Standard Or Heavy-Duty

Before you decide to purchase a mixer, you should try to accurately determine the bulk density of the products you will be blending as best as possible. This will help you and the vendor figure out the best type of machine for the job you need done. Take into consideration both the minimum and the maximum bulk densities that your operation is going to require on a daily basis.

When it comes to bulk solids and powders, there are not many things that a ribbon mixer cannot efficiently blend. The key is finding the right mixer for the job you require. This is a big purchase that should be thought out carefully before you make a final decision.