What are campus recruitment and why is it important ?

The process of hiring good candidates directly from colleges snd universities is called campus recruitment. It is process through which promising students are involved into job according to their results and merits. This way the companies can also utilize the expertise of the students in building an effective pipeline. They recruit the students for summer jobs, part time or full time jobs, internships and so on. They target specific institutions for recruiting candidate according to their requirements.

The process of campus hiring has undergone much changes through ages. Previously it was not very system driven. Previously the companies focused on a huge number of educational institutions but nowadays they focus on specific institutions so that they can pick up the best candidates from a particular stream. They  target students undergoing a particular degree or course which would be helpful for their company. The main objective behind focusing on a specific course’s students is to make complete use of the prospective candidate in their organization.

However, the companies must focus on being more strategic while recruiting the candidates for their companies. They need to recognize the promising students for their particular talent and make use of them so that their work and talent can be used on a long term basis in their organization.

The proper ways of Hiring from the campus

*The process of recruitment begins with gathering information before recruitment. As a recruiter, the first and the foremost thing that you need to do is set the goals for recruitment. You have to find out the areas where you need to recruit a candidate and also the qualities a candidate should possess to fulfill the needs of the organization.

*As an employer you have to jot down the qualities you are looking for in a candidate to meet the expectations of your company. You have to decide the job role of the candidate and also need to be introspective while judging a candidate for a particular designation.

*To make the process of applying for a job easier, a recruiter can use the various social media platforms for job advertising. Today’s generation is more attached to the digital channel and so viewing a job on a Facebook page or on the you tube can make them feel more at ease regarding the job. The youngsters are technologically inclined and hence this platform can be very well used to allure them for a job.

* The JD or the job description should be spiced up with impressive words and descriptions. It should not be a monotonous one , stating a list of do’s and don’tsfor an applicant. If you are a manager yourself then while writing the job description you should be able to mention all the criteria of the designation clearly in the description. There should also be a separate mention regarding the salary package in the job description. Thus with a well framed job description, the entire process of campus hiring seems to be very interesting for the applicants. Instead of enlisting many demands, you should make the job description an interesting one. The applicants should feel that the workplace is rather a place where you can show your abilities and prove yourself to be the best.

*A company needs to shortlist the college and universities in order to conduct the campus hiring. You should know what your is looking for in a candidate, and according to that you should choose the educational institutions having students who will be able to fulfil this criteria. You as a recruiter should be aware of the overall performance of an institution in terms of scoring and accordingly you should keep those colleges in your list from where you can pick up employees.

*As recruiters it is better not to visit a college campus for conducting an interview during the end of a semester. The students remain busy with their examination at that time and cannot concentrate in the interview much. Also it is the peak time when all the companies drop in to hire candidates from the campus. As a recruiter, you need to be careful as to when to conduct the process of selection.

What are the ways in whichyou can makea pre placement talk interesting?

  • You as an employer, should make the session interactive as well as interactive. The candidates should not feel that a session of lecturing is going on. They should be provided with ample scope of asking questions. 
  • Detailed information regarding the company should be provided so that the candidate gets a clear idea regarding where he or she is going to work. They should be well aware of the business the company is making.
  • The candidates should be well intimated regarding the work culture of the company so that the applicant gets a clear idea about how to perform there.
  • You as a recruiter should also tell the employees regarding the projects and assignments being conducted by the company. It is very important for an applicant to know about the work that are being done by the company.
  • You should also intimate the candidates regarding how they can utilize their potentials in increasing the business of the company.

What are the good ways of assessing a candidate?

  • You can conduct an online assessment through which the aptitude test, logical reasoning test, subject knowledge of a candidate can be assessed. Through an online test, the hazards of going to the examination hall will be saved. Also through this kind of a test, proper filtration of the right candidate is possible.
  • A properly arranged , structured interview should be arranged so that the candidates are judged on right parameters. The interviews should be digitally recorded for future reference. You should provide the candidate ample opportunities of doubt clearing and asking questions.
  • Provide proper salary package with relevant details so that the candidates feel motivated regarding joining the company.