4 Cool Smartphone Features

Most people use their phones to talk, text and browse the internet multiple times per day. Smartphones have made life exponentially easier in many ways, including by providing people with easy access to information, directions and games to keep entertained. Here are four cool features that are available on most smartphones.

1. Do Not Disturb Mode

While smartphones make people’s lives easier in many ways, they can also be a huge source of distraction with their easy access to games, social media and news 24 hours of the day. People are easier to reach than ever before, but fortunately, most phones come with the option of silencing all calls and texts and turning off notifications. This comes in handy if you are someone who is easily woken up or distracted.

2. Alarm Clock

Doing the opposite of what do not disturb mode provides, most phones have an option to set alarms for several times throughout the day. Whether you need assistance in waking up or in remembering to take something out of the oven, your smartphone is your friendly reminder. If you can no longer hear alarms on your device, there could be something wrong with the speaker and it is a good idea to take the device in for iphone repair Odessa TX.

3. Flashlight

Your smartphone also doubles as a small, convenient flashlight. This is especially useful if you need quick light in a pinch, such as during a power outage or when you have to go check on something outside at night.

4. Split-Screen

If you are someone who thrives on multi-tasking, the split-screen option of a smart device might appeal to you. This feature allows you to do such things as watch a movie while scrolling through social media.

When purchasing a new smartphone, check to see if these features are included.