Nexus 5 with Android Lollipop 5.1 upgrade: Disappointing in terms of storage, some other devices facing same situation as well

Some good news for the Android fans though. Google took its cheap budget device trial, and make sure the products made available play through Android 5.1 as well. It was marked at benchmark running the most recent edition of Android. This leaves no doubt that Android 5.1 is going to have a broader release, most probably initiating... more →
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RPG Soul of Deva : Android Game Features and Video

New month means new work by Kemco that, as is normal, is released fresh development on the Play Store, called Soul of  Deva : clearly the word “new” refers to the fact that it was published recently, but basically it is still a JRPG that old-fashioned, albeit with some innovative element, does not differ at all... more →
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Tony Hawk’s Shred Session is Coming Soon to Android

Tony Hawk’s Shred Session , as you can guess from the name, is one of the games in the series inspired by the famous American skateboarder Tony Hawk . Shred Session will be devoted to mobile platforms: it was initially planned to be released only for iOS, but the software company responsible for the title, Activision has... more →
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Anomaly Defenders: New Tower Defense video of the 11 Bit Studios

Anomaly Defenders is the latest effort, as well as the closing title of the series Anomaly (which counts on Android Anomaly Warzone Earth HD, Anomaly Korea and Anomaly-2), the 11 Bit Studios , independent software house that was particularly active in the pipeline is another title rather expected by the press and by the user,... more →
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PlayStation App Is Now Updated With Push Notifications And Upload Profile Photo

Bring the experience PlayStation  on your mobile device with the new PlayStation App! You’re always ready to play with the features that keep you connected to your friends and play games that you like. Send games from PlayStation ® Store to your system PS4  and prepare to play at home. PlayStation App for those who still... more →
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