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5 Best Free Antivirus for android phones

5 Best Free Antivirus for android phones

Almost everyone has an Android phone these days. Since these phone have made their entry with a bang. However, as the use of Android phones have become quite greater, therefore there is also greater need to protect phones from malware etc. Therefore, in the following post, you will know the 5 best Free antivirus for android phones which will give you lot many reasons to feel satisfied and happy since you know that you have taken every bit of efforts to protect your android phones from all sorts of threats.

5 Best Free Antivirus for android phones

Look Out Mobile Antivirus

How can you overlook the Look Out Mobile Antivirus which is equally considered to be as one of the 5 best Free antivirus for android phones? You can easily scan your phone any time and now you know that you are totally safe in the big bad online world. Another characteristic of this free antivirus for android phones is that it offers the data backup along with giving you protection from anti-theft.

AVG Antivirus App for Android

One of the 5 best free antivirus for android Smartphone is AVG Antivirus. You will get its review here. It is easy to install and the moment you are done, you have to scan your device.  The antivirus saves your data from all sorts of malware, Trojans and virus. It comes with an added feature where you can scan your sms, thus safeguarding your mobile from all sorts of phishing emails which otherwise could have stolen the confidential information of yours. Great, isn’t it?

Look Out Mobile Antivirus

Look Out Mobile Antivirus is another free antivirus for android phones which completely provides over all protection to your phones and tablets as well. You have the convenience of running the app on periodical basis in order to scan for virus. Now, you are assured of the fact that your mobile is 100% protected while you use internet. Thanks to the feature of anti-theft you will greatly help yourself as well.

Dr. Web Antivirus Light

Dr. Web Antivirus Light is considered to be the specialist for the android phones since it is specially made for the same. Now, you can ensure overall protection of your tablets along with android mobiles from any sort of virus, malware etc which has been giving you lots of concerns uptill now.

Avast Mobile Security

Doesn’t the name of this free antivirus sound similar to you? Yes it does. Since, it is indeed quite a popular software which keeps your data safe and secure from hackers. Thanks to its immense utility, it is in the list of the 5 best Free antivirus for android phones.  Most importantly, millions of people across the globe are using it. The feature worth mentioning about this software is that it has a web shield which scans the URLS of the websites or any link which you come across with.  It is also known for the anti-theft feature.

Finally, aforesaid are the 5 best Free antivirus for android phones which will help you towards attaining a mind of ease and satisfaction since you know that your android phones are totally protected.

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