Best Way to Track Phone Call for Small Businesses

If you are working or running a small business, then you must have encountered many challenges like budgeting, resourcing, and few others. I have personally worked in comparatively smaller organizations and found that they keep on looking for something better within budget. Larger organizations or those with a sizeable marketing... more →
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5 Tech Blogs to Follow for Small Business Owners

5 Tech Blogs
Blogging has started to become a great way for businesses to start promoting their brand and connecting with their followers. It’s used a lot in marketing, which is what posts about blogging and small businesses talk about. However, as a small business owner, you can also get use out of following other blogs with great content... more →
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5 Tips to Make Your YouTube Voiceovers Professional

No matter what you say, YouTube is the next big thing. According to a report published by Telegraph in 2016, YouTube has already surpassed when it comes to desktop computers. However, this trend is expected to continue in the future. The fact is that nowadays people tend to prefer watching videos for information consumption... more →
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Great Ideas and Innovations: Fresh and Functional Food Packaging Firsts

Why do Chinese food packages have wire handles? Who thought up the idea for the milk carton and the tin can? And, what’s with carbonated water? Why is that a thing? Here’s some insight to amazing inventions that we take use every day and take for granted. The Can Opener The modern metal can opener can be traced back to Ezra... more →
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