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Why Foxtel Can Compete In the NBN Broadband Market

Why Foxtel Can Compete In the NBN Broadband Market

NBN has been making headlines for quite some time now, and while it’s still a long time before all of Australia gets to enjoy the unlimited benefits of what is dubbed to the “fastest internet speed imaginable”, other mobile providers are still in the competition until the theory is tried and tested. If you are one to keep up with the news, specifically regarding the war titled “who gives the fastest internet connection”, you’re probably aware of the longstanding battle between Foxtel and the NBN broadband market. You can find windstream internet plans, as well as NBN and Foxtel plans online for price comparisons.

Why Foxtel Can Compete In the NBN Broadband Market

What Is The Deal With Foxtel?

Anyone who has access to the internet and knows the first thing regarding broadband services within Australia is obviously aware of the notable company Foxtel – 50% of which is owned by Telstra. The number of people in Australia, who make use of the services offered by Telstra as well as Foxtel, can easily be calculated to tens of thousands. Not to mention the amazing quality that the companies provide their customers with to ensure that the customers have absolutely no complaints.

However, in light of recent events, when the introduction of NBN broadband market was announced, a very large chunk of the population steadily believed that the NBN would crush Foxtel in the blink of an eye. But, what they don’t know are the reasons as to why Foxtel is actually capable of competing and possibly even winning the war of NBN broadband.

Foxtel Has Been Around For Quite Some Time

If we’re going to evaluate the reasons why Foxtel can win, this certainly is one that stands out. Foxtel has been around for a long time, and the services that are offered with the broadband are nothing short of sheer excellence. The streaming, internet and everything is on point and the customers have little to zero complaints in this regard.

The Services Aren’t Too Bad

With a variety of packages made available to the general public in Foxtel NBN broadband services, Foxtel promises internet speeds that are truly impressive – after all, who wouldn’t want a service that lets you stream Netflix endlessly?

With the introduction of the NBN took everyone by storm, it can’t be denied that the timing Foxtel chose to introduce their own packages was certainly on point. The only drawback in this regard is the fact that Foxtel’s packages are priced a little higher in comparison to the ones offered by other networks – but, the deals are still exceptionally good.

Little to No Hassle

Once you’re over the highly priced packages of NBN broadband that are offered by Foxtel, you should also consider the lack of complications that one can get by opting for Foxtel or Telstra in general. Compare that with NBN broadband and voila! Get ready to be amazed because it truly will be worth it.

As far as the topic as to whether Foxtel will be able to compete or not lies, the answer is rather obvious: Foxtel will probably crush competitors!