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Temperature and Humidity Sensors from Reputable Dealers

Temperature sensors are tools that help to interpret temperature from the physical state into digital information. Similarly, humidity sensors are elements used to measure atmospheric moisture levels and convert that into digital information. Consequently, temperature and humidity sensors are vital for environmental tracking throughput sensitive electronic equipment. These qualities make temperature and humidity sensors perfect for a diverse range of applications, such as sustaining the environmental set-up in laboratory experiments and quantification.

The sensors can also activate the shut-down of compromised equipment due to over-heating, or even condensation resulting from exposure to moisture. The IST AG website: ( ) showcase the products and services they have on offer. IST AG provides top-quality temperature sensors and humidity sensors such as the IST AG platinum RTD temperature sensors.

Top-quality materials

The company’s platinum temperature sensors are designed using top-quality materials to help control a diverse operating temperature range suitable for application in extreme environments. The platinum sensors are made to work in the most severe conditions yet experience the least drift. The building process is exceptionally robust while the small dimensions of the sensors give room for multiple housings.

Custom products

IST AG also provides personalized platinum sensors fitted to unique application requirements for a diverse range of variables.

IST AG also provides nickel model temperature sensors that have an operating temperature range much lower than the platinum model but equally effective. You can as well get custom made nickel sensors that come fitted to a wide range of specified variables.


TSic is another type of sensor by IST AG; these temperature sensors are semiconductors and they offer highly accurate measurements within a restricted temperature range. They can be used for mobile applications since they consume low power. The TSic is delivered as a scaled temperature sensor with a fused signal converter for either the analog or digital output. The sensors provide excellent accuracy with durability.

Global network

IST AG is a global company and they deliver their products and services to clients from varied industries. The company’s ever-increasing global network enables them to offer flexibility and unmatched customer service.