5 Tips to Make Your YouTube Voiceovers Professional

No matter what you say, YouTube is the next big thing. According to a report published by Telegraph in 2016, YouTube has already surpassed when it comes to desktop computers.

However, this trend is expected to continue in the future.

The fact is that nowadays people tend to prefer watching videos for information consumption over reading textual content. There are also talks going on whether video marketing could take over the content marketing in the coming future.

YouTube is one of the biggest search engines on the internet. If you’re not using it, you’re missing a lot.

For any online video, the voice over quality is important. In fact, it is more important than the video itself. Having a poor quality voiceover is a big turn off for many video viewers.

In this post, I’m going to present you some of the super-simple tips that you can implement while doing voiceover for your YouTube or any videos.

Have a script

Although you’ll be able to explain the video on the go while you’re recording the video, having a voiceover script makes a great difference in your voiceover clarity.

The recording of the video and the voiceover should not be done simultaneously unless you’re doing a portrait video. You need to first record or produce the full video. And then, you need to launch a program like Audacity or Adobe Audition, and read out the script holding into your mic.

Before recording your final voiceover, you need to record a sample and play to back, so that you can spot out the areas you need to improve on.

If you’re not used to writing a voiceover script before recording, just try it once. I can assure you that it’s worth the time and you won’t turn back.

Maintain a constant pitch and speed

This is one of the most common mistakes newbies commit. They tend to start the video with an artificial or made-up pitch, and when the video progresses, their pitch turns out to be so different. The same goes with the speed at which they speak out the words.

To find the base pitch and speed, you need to have a proper initial preparation. You need to find a an ideal pitch to be consistent throughout your video except a few moments while describing emotions. You need to set that ideal pitch, to fall back on.

Along with this, learning to maintain a uniform speed of voice over, no matter what flow you’re in is important.

Being mindful about the pitch and speed you’re doing voiceover, is very important to not sound weird while doing voiceover. Initial preparation helps a lot while doing voiceovers.

Use a good mic

A good professional voiceover mic, can make a great difference in the quality of sound. No matter how great your accent is. If your mic is mediocre, if you are using an inbuilt mic from your laptop or a webcam, your voiceover quality is bound to suffer.

Some great mics like Blue Snowball or Blue Yeti comes at a price of as low as $70. It can make a great positive difference in the quality of your voiceovers. To pays back your money in terms of increased engagement of people with your video, likes, and great comments. If you even a newbie video marketer, you might know the importance of the video engagement in increasing the revenue and for YouTube SEO.

Maintain a good distance from the mic

The distance you need to maintain from the mic while recording voiceovers, depends upon the type of voice over you’re trying to make. For example, in case of whispers, you usually move close to the mic.


For normal voiceovers, a distance of 6-12 inches. I usually prefer to maintain a distance of 8 inches from the mic with a pop filter in place. Always try to be consistent in terms of maintaining the distance from the mic while recording voiceovers to minimize the post production work to be done on your audio tracks.

Relax and be confident

When you are beginning to do voiceover, especially if you are a beginner, you tend to speak very differently or perhaps little anxious when speaking in front of the mic. In fact, you tend to be over-reactive and speak at a slightly abnormal pace.

You need to speak in a natural tone, that’s what viewers love. You need to stay relaxed and speak into the mic as if you are talking to your friend or a colleague.

Relaxed pace of voice radiates confidence in your voice and helps you get rid of filler words like “um” and “ah” that directly shows your imperfection or your lack of confidence when doing voiceover.

It doesn’t matter at what pace you speak. As long as the voice is relaxed and is completely comprehensible, it will be loved by your audience. Don’t just rush through the voiceover script in a hurry. Take a breath, and start the recording naturally.

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