Beginning Steps to Marketing a New Product

Beginning Steps to Marketing a New Product

Competing with big business for the customer’s dollar can be a challenge for a small or mid-size business, and especially for a new startup. There are a few steps that can, and should be taken to help your business and your products get off the ground.

Beginning Steps to Marketing a New Product

Create Effective Packaging

Given two identical products, which one is going to jump off the shelves and into the customers cart (either physical or virtual)? The cheapest? The most advertised? The one that is going to be chosen most often is the one with the most attractive packaging. People are swayed by appearance more than most other elements of packaging; so call the people who specialize in packaging and design solutions to help you create a successful package.

Develop a Solid Website

Marketing your product needs all the help you can get. A good healthy website can accomplish several things in this area. It can inform your potential customers about the product; what it is called, what it does, where to find it and why you can’t live without it. Website analytics can show you who is looking for your product and what key words they are using to search for you. Develop SEO content marketing so that your products come up on the first page of search results.

Get the Product Out

Your product is not worth much if no one is using it, so getting into people’s hands is key. Get as much exposure as possible by working trade shows, fairs, market demos or tasters and to build up good will and interest. Advertise in print and online to create curiosity. You might consider giving away a certain amount of product so its merits can spread by word of mouth.

When properly organized, a marketing campaign can help develop awareness, interest and a customer base. These steps are essential and set the groundwork for future success.