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Car Finder: Your smartphone will remember where you parked!!!!


We  are willing to bet that each of you, at least once in life, just happened to run into a problem to remember where you had parked your car! Car Finder is an application that aims to eliminate this worry from their lives.

Using this application is very simple. If necessary, you can just pull out from your pocket your smartphone, launch the app and see where you were the last time you got out. Car Finder fact does not require any kind of configuration or action to memorize the place where you parked: exploiting the signal GPS will study your movements in an entirely automatic .

The program has performed very well in our tests, and the only downside is that it can be seen that keep burning the GPS antenna will require a little more effort on your battery , even if the app is not particularly eager for consumption.

Within the application a few simple but useful option: In addition to the map to view the location of your car you will find a button to start navigation to it, one historian of the last locations and the ability to add notes to places, perhaps to better remember some detail. Very comfortable also the possibility to add a timer to the site, which will signal the end of the paid parking or a parking disc.

Auto Finder is available completely free of charge , with the option within the app to make thedonation to the developer, who promises that any premium feature released in the future will be free for the supporters. Following screenshots and badges for download.

So Remembers where you parked without any intervention from your side.Just click on the red notification icon to find your way back to the car!

– Map view
– Street view
– Satellite view
– Radar view
– Transparent distance Panel

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