Flappy48: The Demon Game updated for removing ads



Flappy48  , the diabolical cross between two of the most talked-about games in recent weeks, in 2048  and Flappy Bird, updates on Google Play with two of the features announced by the creator of the game: the media to Google Play Games and the removal of ads advertising via purchase -app .

Flappy48 combines the flapping and wall dodging mechanics of the mobile classic, “Flappy Bird” with the number-crunching fun of the Internet phenomenon, “2048.”

Check out what the press is saying about it:

“… A work of diabolical genius”
– Michelle Starr, CNET Australia
“… The best of the unholy spawn”
– Bijan Stephen TIME
“… A great way to feel dumb and malcoordinated Both in one short stretch of time”
– Chris Mills, Gizmodo UK

With the recent update it is possible to connect with your account from Google Plus to unlock variousachievements and also to climb the leader board or bully the world with their friends from the record obtained. In addition, at a cost equal to € 0.65 , it is possible to remove completely the advertisements from any device that utilized Flappy48. We remind you that the game is available for free on Google Play.

So what are you waiting for? Get flapping!

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