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Google To Boost Mobile Internet Speed


Google, the other name for the internet search, wants to boost the mobile internet speed in order to open up billions of revenue in addition to its e-commerce and online advertising businesses. The technology giant is currently and constantly monitoring the Internet-access rates; from airport lounges, offices and hotels around the world and looking for further ways to enhance the speed-up rates. The companies mission is to get internet sitesĀ  load on mobile phone networks faster to twice that of now. In US currently it is taking 9.2 seconds typically. With the increase in the number of smartphones and tablets worldwide there is a need to improve in the speed of internet accessing. This turn may boost the iPhone contracts on the fastest network industry.


Microsoft, the chief contender also is in race and submitted HTTP Speed+Mobility content to the IETF along with Google. The move is very collaborative and is very good for Web. This will make some good news for the smartphone users of both 3G and 4G as the new protocols will enhance the accessing speed of the internet, which is much required.

Google’s SPDY, a prototype protocol to enhance the speed of the web, specifies and utilizes an application-layer code of conduct, which may reduce the latency that looks to restore the parts of the HTTP protocol. The protocol is already being implemented by Mozilla web browser and social media giant Twitter.

It is found that Google’s SPDY submission did not show the code about the battery life in mobile phones and other ad hoc needs of mobile applications, where as The HTTP Speed+Mobility proposal scales both speed as well as battery requirements, also the Microsoft’s HTTP Speed+Mobility assures compatibility with current Web infrastructure, sanctioning wider preparation across all types of networks.

Google high-speed in-memory server, recently built by tech-giant can present both HTTP and SPDY responses expeditiously compared to TCP and SSL. Google will release the code as an open source in near future. The company has also modified its own Google Chrome client so that it can use HTTP – SPDY on TCP and SSL framework.

Google recently planned installed a super-fast optic fibre service for internet to enable faster internet browsing and also for enhanced download speed, the fibre may support speeds of up to 1Gbps that is about hundred times faster than the current EE 4g broadband internet service. All these advancements may cyclically boost the growth of smartphone sales, at the same time boosting phone trade ins.

There are also many mobile applications that can speed up the mobile internet browsing. For example Skyfire beta a free downloadable mobile web browser that gives an experience of browsing on your phone same as that of PC. Web pages will load fast eliminating long pauses and error messages.