Must-Know Things about Rajasthan Board

Must-Know Things about Rajasthan Board

Education is the key to solving most of the issues plaguing the world. Hence, all students are alike enthused about scoring well in exams, as a stepping stone to ensuring their performance in the field of education. Thus, preparing for exams soon becomes the most important thing that every student of all educational boards, state or central does. Acing the exams and performing well in class, is the major aspiration for most of these students of all state boards, including Rajasthan Board. RBSE had a remarkable panorama of progressive record of the futurological vision for developing a dynamic system of academic excellence for almost four decades. 

Must-Know Things about Rajasthan Board

Origin of Rajasthan Board 

Meanwhile, Board of Secondary Education, Rajasthan also abbreviated as BSER is a board of education for school level education in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Now, this board was established in Jaipur on 4 Dec 1957, with the promulgation of the Rajasthan Secondary Education Act of the year. The board, then later shifted to Ajmeer in 1961 and then in 1973, it commenced its operations from the current multistoried building of its own consisting of all amenities. The tenure of the board was for three years and the work of the board is conducted by the staff and officers according to the rules, as prescribed by the Board. 

Exams Conducted by the Board 

The board is as well in charge of conducting some exams. All the major exams that are conducted by the Rajasthan board are listed below: 

  • Rajasthan Board Class 9 Vocational Examination
  • RBSE Secondary School and Vocational Examination (+10)
  • Rajasthan Class 11 Vocational Examination
  • Rajasthan Senior Secondary Board Exam (10+2)(Science/ Arts / Commerce)
  • Praveshika Pariksha (+10) ( Sanskrit Shiksha)
  • Varishtha Upadhyay Pariksha (10+2)(Sanskrit Shiksha)
  • State talent search examination. ( STSE ) Regular
  • National Talent search examination. (NTSE)

Preparing for Board Exams 

Now, apart from conducting the board exams, the state board is also focussed on making rapid strides that are aimed at promoting and developing the system of Secondary Education in Rajasthan. With this as the chief objective, the board is also responsible for prescribing the textbooks and the syllabus for Secondary and Higher Secondary Classes. Given here are also some tips for the students to follow, in order to prepare most efficiently for the board exams: 

  • Study the textbook and be thorough with all the concepts of the subject
  • Keep notes about the key highlights, formulas and equations 
  • Revise the subjects at least once before the exams
  • Solve the question papers and practise well 
  • Refer to solutions to get an idea about their performance level while preparing for exams
  • Plan the study time most efficiently by focussing on topics that require more attention  
  • Learn how to manage time most effectively 
  • Know how to approach a question and how to give the correct answer on time 

Thus, we can conclude that a student who is well prepared for the exams by following all the tips given will find it easier to face the exams more confidently. Meanwhile, students can also Visit To Know More about RBSE study materials or other resources.