Why Are Prepaid Calling Cards the Best Option to Call from Canada to India?

Do you know what the best part of staying very far from home is? It is the long telephonic conversations that we have with our loved ones back home. It is like an anecdote that cheers us up despite the fact that we are living far away. A single phone call can often turn your day around.

When you are in the same country, calling is not much of an issue. This problem of calling becomes acute when you want to call across countries and continents. When it comes to calling some other countries, there are a lot of reservations and questions that pop up in mind. Let’s say you are looking for the best option to call from Canada to India. You might have many questions in mind like – how will I call? Do I have to change my SIM? How expensive will it be? How will the connectivity be? But there is a simple answer and solution to all the queries above and that is the prepaid calling cards, which is applicable to all sorts of international calling.

Why Are Prepaid Calling Cards the Best Option to Call from Canada to India

If we talk about India, calling from Canada, UK or any other place has been made simpler with prepaid calling cards. You will see that about 99 percent of the calls made from Canada to India are with the help of these and that is the reason why they are so popular when compared to the others.  The concept of the prepaid calling cards was introduced in the 1970s, but now there is not a single country that does not make use of them.

One of the primary reasons why people use prepaid calling cards to call India from Canada is because they are less expensive as compared to the other options. If a person wishes to call India from Canada then he will have to pay a fixed rate for a set duration of time. On the other hand, if credit calling cards are used then they have rates that keep changing and vary on different days of the week. The rates of the prepaid calling cards are lower and they are quite feasible for long distance calls as they have a constant rate.

The second big advantage of using prepaid calling cards to call India from Canada is that the dialling of calls is quite easy. All you have to do is dial an access number that is toll free and then punch in the required PIN number. After this, you have to dial the number you wish to call and the call will be connected.

The prepaid calling cards will notify you about the time that is remaining in that particular account, which is a great advantage. It is also very convenient to use. If you wish to use a payphone in Canada but you do not have money with you at the moment, then you do not have to worry. You can call using your prepaid calling card also.

With the help of the prepaid calling cards, you can keep a check on your budget as you would know that you do not have to spend more than the particular amount in the prepaid account.

Before buying a prepaid calling card to call from Canada to India, make sure you do an extensive research about the different companies that offer this option, compare the offers and buy one.

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