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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Store Front : Security Tips

If you’ve spent your own time and money building a business, then it’s vital to ensure that you keep your investment secure.  If you own and operate a store, then protecting it in a physical sense is a particularly vital part of this security. To help you do this, we’ve put together a list of the five most effective methods to keep your store front safe from vandals.

Polycarbonate sheeting

protect your store

A slight variation on roller shutters (which we’ll look at later on in the article), there are a huge variety of polycarbonate sheets available for purchase, all of which will form a durable, tough-as-nails barricade in front of your store windows.  One of the benefits to this approach (apart from the aforementioned tough-as-nails protection!) is that it is relatively cheap, and anyone who’s DIY savvy will be able to purchase the materials from a standard store and carry out installation themselves.  If you’re low on budget but still want protection, then this sheeting represents a very sensible investment.

Make use of CCTV

A CCTV system is an extremely sound investment for any firm keen to increase the safety of their property.  These camera systems enable you to view the various areas of the building on a main control monitor which can be stored wherever you choose (even on the till, if you’re the only person working).  Firstly, CCTV acts as a deterrent: a vandal is far less likely to carry out damage on a property if they think that they’re being filmed whilst doing so – video evidence is admissible in court, after all.  Secondly, should any vandalism take place, the instigator is then more likely to be caught, decreasing the risk of it occurring again in future.

Hire security

Whilst this choice isn’t necessarily an option for some companies, those with a slightly bigger budget should seriously consider the idea of manned guarding.  There are a lot of benefits to having legitimate security staff on-site.  Firstly, like the CCTV, it acts as a deterrent for vandals and thieves, who are less likely to carry out acts of destruction if they believe there’s an increased chance of them being caught and punished.  Secondly, if you work with an experienced security firm, then their guards will have knowledge of how best to decrease any potentially volatile situations.

Use shutters

Metal shutters are constructed specifically to ensure that no damage can be done to the front of the property by absorbing any attempted impact without the glass underneath being damaged.  Roller shutters can be purchased both in electric form (meaning that they seal automatically) and in the traditional model, which involves the user pulling the shutters down and sealing them manually.  It’s also worth noting the fact that roller shutters are a one-off investment, where as security guards and CCTV systems will require ongoing payments, either in the form of salaries or for upgrades in equipment.

Emphasise that you take things seriously

People who vandalise property often do so because they feel that they are beyond the reach of the law, and that nothing will come of it.  It’s important, therefore, to emphasise that you will take vandalism seriously, and that whatever system you choose to deploy to keep your store safe – whether it be roller shutters, security guards or CCTV (or indeed a combination of all the above) you will utilise those systems to ensure that the guilty party is prosecuted.

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