7 Great Casual Dining Restaurants in Mumbai for a Quick Bite

Mumbai is the place of hustle bustle in the country. The city never sleeps. In this beautiful urban establishment, there are a ton of eating joints or casual dining restaurants that a group of people can enjoy when they are looking for a nice and exciting place to hangout. Whatever your reason maybe, having a list of casual dining restaurants always comes in handy. Therefore, here is a carefully crafted list of great casual dining restaurants in the city of Mumbai where you can grab a quick bite and share a meal or two:

  1. The White Room:

If you have a craving for tasty and quality Indian food, then you should definitely check out the white room Andheri West  .With a fully operational bar and wonderful food, this place is packed with people who are just out to have a good time. The place has various other cuisines too in case you like that sort of thing. Just go ahead and enjoy delicious food while relaxing with friends.

  1. Gymkhana 91 Bar & Kitchen:

With well-decorated interiors and ornate beautiful lights hanging from the ceiling, Gymkhana 91 Bar & Kitchen is a ravishing and beautiful place to eat. You can enjoy various food items like eggs benedict, traditional English fry up, paneer patra, kuber kulcha, crispy chicken, prawn cake, etc. This is a very popular eatery in the Lower Parel region and obviously, has a full bar available.

  1. Sigree Global Grill:

This place is packed with youngsters and corporates who just want to unwind after a long hard day. If you enjoy good Turkish, Lebanese, Greek and North Indian food, then this place is for you. You get live sports screening, a buffet system and a dedicated smoking area. This is the best hangout place in the Powai region.

  1. Village – The Soul of India:

This is a multi-cuisine casual dining restaurant that serves Bengali, Maharashtrian, South Indian, North Indian and Gujarati food. The place also has a special Street food menu and we all love street food. This place is kid friendly and the theme of the restaurant is also very pleasant. You can hang out with your friends and family here.

  1. Navya – The Regale by Tunga:

Navya is the name of a casual dining restaurant that is located at the Regale by Tunga in Andheri East. This place serves multiple cuisines and has a very sophisticated and relaxed environment which is exceptional for a laid-back dining experience. There are two sections here, one side has booth seating and the other has generic tables with wooden chairs. If you feel like enjoying Continental, Thai and Chinese cuisine, this is the place to be. Beverages here have local names like Ananas ka Panna and Kairi Ka Panna which makes the place homier.

  1. Old Wild West:

As the name suggests, this place serves food from the West i.e. American, Tex-Mex and Mexican Cuisine. This is one of the best place known for their Mesoamerican cooking style. It has a private dining area with striking interiors made of wood and a contemporary style décor. The lighting in this place gives a sunrise feeling. After 10 PM, the place livens up with excellent Bollywood/Punjabi songs. So, if you feel like grooving to desi tadka songs, then this is the place.

  1. 5 Spice:

This place is famous for its delicious Chinese food and the best part is that it is really on a budget. Therefore, whenever you feel low on cash, you can check this place out as it has great food and cheap prices. The place has the decoration of arts and sculptures of Buddhism and it there is a subtle herbal aroma while eating delicious food.

These places are among the best and the greatest casual dining places in Mumbai. If you are in Mumbai, you should check them out.