A Homeowner’s Cleaning Supply Checklist

A Homeowner's Cleaning Supply Checklist

Every new homeowner needs plenty of cleaning supplies, even if no one else will be living in the house. You do not want to have to make a special trip to the store when something spills or leaks. Instead, your first week in your house, make sure you have all of these items on hand.

A Homeowner's Cleaning Supply Checklist


Many chemicals can kill bacteria. You should have bleach that you can use after having raw meat on your counter or in your sink as well as for the routine disinfection of your bathroom. A glass cleaner is useful for the porcelain in your bathroom. If you have children, disinfectant wipes can save time and prevent the spread of colds or school germs. As you store and use chemicals, pay attention to which ones contain bleach and which ones have ammonia so that you do not mix them.

Tools for Application

Once you have disinfecting chemicals, you need to be able to use them. You can buy cleaning cloths wholesale for almost every cleaning need involving a rag. You will also want a broom for sweeping up the floor. A mop can help disperse cleaner evenly over a surface. Buckets are helpful if you want to dilute a small amount of a chemical in water before washing something.


As you clean your house, you will probably need to throw trash away. You can purchase large trash bags for your kitchen trash can. However, you can also save the plastic bags that groceries are packed in. They fit well in smaller trash cans and you can easily carry them with you as you clean. You will save money and reuse the bags, lowering their environmental impact.

No home is complete without the tools to clean it. Stock up on cleaning supplies so that they are ready to use before you need them.