Esports : A Comparison with Traditional Sports

Traditional sports have been tagged along since the early years as a physical and mental exertion of the mind and body, amongst the popular ones include ball games such as basketball, baseball, and football to name a few. As years go by the definition of an activity considered as a sport had grown a wider audience and understanding.

Today a lot of critics are acknowledging Esports as a sport pointing out the fact that it involves mental scrutiny and the use of hand and eye coordination. Other similarities include the formation of leagues for specific games, game championships similar to FIFA, MLB or NBA. Esports players are also now considered as professional athletes and that pro gamer can now get their own visas to play overseas. Moreover, viewership of Esports compared to traditional sports has reached a multitude of audiences, with the recent 2017 Worlds Finals (LOL) whose online viewers reached 57.6M.

Esports since then had been in the heat of debate, traditional sports analysts are slowly opening their doors to the possibility of having Esports as part of the general category of sports, others still mock the idea as it defeats the real essence of sports as an activity that focuses on physical movement.

Either way, Esports considering as a sport or not is up to everyone’s perspective, we’re expanding our horizon of understanding, changing the ideals we’ve accepted as such and embracing new methods in societal and cultural differences.

In the lighter note here’s an esports infographic by iBUYPOWER that may help you decide, whether you consider esports as a sport or not.