Experience HD TV right at your fingertips

In the era of rigorous technology, who wants to remain stuck with those monotonous dish cables and huge sized televisions? Definitely we all want mobility and flexibility in everything we do. Thanks to the amazing invention called TV portal app .  The app lets you carry your personalized television right in your pockets.

There are multiple such apps floating over the play store that let you initiate cost-free television watching. However, how many of them grant you with the excellent user interface? I am sure none of them do! With amazing graphics and picture quality, this app is definitely going to steal your heart away.  The app has separate sections for movies, serials, news, music and sports. It does not mix up things for making you feel irritated.

Don’t have high-speed internet connection? No problem!

The app is free to download from the internet at its APK version. It’s not available on play store and needs you to make petty changes in it.  TV portal has been rated 5 stars by most of its users. It doesn’t needs you to own that expensive high-speed internet connection for scrolling your favorite television shows. In fact, the ingenious app truly supports low-speed internet connection and lets you have a glitch free movie watching experience.

Break free TV watching experience

The app also lets you customize the themes and channels as per your choice. Moreover, the premium version of this app allows ad-free channels that don’t test your patience and waste your precious time.

The overall charges that you need to pay for watching the movies and TV serials in this app are far lower than you might be paying to your regular cable operator. There is no monthly fee that need to be paid by you except in cases of few special packs. The very flexible app lets you pay as per your usage thereby exhilarating your overall experience. To sum up, the app shall be beneficial for you in the flowing ways:

  • Let’s you share your favorite movie by simply clicking over the “share” option present in the app
  • Supported on all android versions
  • Negligible buffering along with fast streaming experience
  • Free of cost TV watching

In case, you feel any problem with the app, then you can choose to “force stop” it by checking the app in your storage option.  You can also install this app on your PC if you ever want to get customized TV watching experience on a larger screen size.

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