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Mobile Gamepad Transforms Android into Gamepad


Transform your mobile device to a generic wireless gamepad, which enables you to play many games, each game with its own custom controls, also you can use your device accelerometer motion in playing. 

The solution to transform our device Android into a wireless gamepad to play on PC with Windows arrives now. As was to be expected, from the XDA forums . It is equipped with an application interface that you see depicted in the opening, which can be mapped to the user likes and that can also take advantage of the accelerometer on this Android device.

This Mobile Gamepad is present on Google Play but you can also retrieve it directly from the link at the closing or the official topic on XDA.  In addition to the app installed on your smartphone of You need the ‘ special client installed on Windows . Using Mobile Gamepad  you can also take advantage of the volume rocker to change the sound of your PC and also launch games directly from the app, without ever having to interface with a mouse and keyboard. The application, still in beta, it is completely free of charge : there remains then test it by hand to verify that the actual effectiveness. To follow the links to download the application from either Google Play is from the web, along with the server to be installed on your PC.

Mobile Gamepad Features:    

1- Easy to use traditional controls
2- Fluid movements
3- Support L1,L2,R1,R2 buttons with custom configurations
4- Support swipe over controls for easy usage not just clicking
5- Access game list and run games from mobile app, each game with its own controls
6- Ability to use device accelerometer for games like flight simulation & racing games
7- Use your device volume buttons to control windows volume
8- Mouse movments & clicking emulation (experimental feature)