Points to Consider Before buying a Smart TV : TV Buying Guide

Home entertainment technology is moving so fast at the moment that it sometimes feels difficult to keep up with the latest developments and products. And while buying televisions used to be a relatively simple choice between size, now there are a myriad of choices to be made including which size to go for and whether to consider 3D or not.

Smart TV
TV Buying Guide

One choice that more and more consumers are opting for is the so-called Smart TV. But what is a Smart TV and what sets it apart from other products in the tv market today? Put simply, a Smart TV is one that can connect to the internet and offer a range of internet-enabled services over and above the usual television services delivered through a rooftop antenna or satellite dish.

New viewing options

A Smart TV lets you connect to a wide variety of free and paid for services through the internet, ranging from TV channel’s own free ‘catch up’ services to paid-for services such as Netflix or LoveFilm. Owning a Smart TV is a great way to be able to watch your favorite movies and surf the webon a big screen from the comfort of your own sofa. These televisions also provide direct access to apps such as YouTube and RedBull TV, offering a range of alternative viewing options.

Connecting your Smart TV

The Smart TV can be connected to the internet in a variety of ways. A cable can be used to connect your router to the television or alternatively, it is possible to connect via a wireless dongle. However, the latest versions come with built in Wi-fi connectivity so you simply need to switch it on and connect it to your wifi network to get started.

Watch your broadband limits

One final, but very important point about Smart TVs is that you’ll probably need to upgrade your broadband to an unlimited use service. In my case, in the first month I had a Smart TV I used double my monthly download limit within two weeks! But with just one phone call I was able to change to an unlimited service without any difficulties and now I don’t have to worry about incurring any charges for going over my usage limit.

Whatever brand or type of Smart TV you choose to buy, it’s no understatement to say that owning one will change the way that you watch TV forever.