The Pros And Cons Of Using Free Logo Makers

Using an online logo maker free of cost? This seems like quite an easy decision when starting your business. Before you take that approach, though, here are the pros and cons you’ll need to consider.

This way, you’ll make an informed decision.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Free Logo Makers


Ease Of Use

Online logo makers are extremely easy to use. With even minimal design experience, you can generate a logo using online logo makers. The tools are usually very user-friendly, and work quickly and seamlessly.

Quick Work

Online logo makers quicker than a designer. An online logo generator can come up with multiple designs within minutes. Such tools are handy when there is a time crunch, and you’re chasing a deadline to launch your website.

Customise According To Your Needs

A logo generator can take into account various factors and generate a logo that matches your taste.

You choose between different:

  • Fonts: if your logo is text-based, you can come up with an exhaustive list of font-based logos.
  • Style: You can go back and forth, checking out various styles of the same logo, and pick the right one.
  • Graphics and Vectors: If your business is B2B (business to business) an illustration portraying your service or products is an apt one. Simple and effective graphics can make a good logo in such cases.
  • Colours: Since the tools are automated, they have inbuilt colour schemes that pick the right pallet for your logo. Moreover, you can view various versions of the same logo and choose what suits best with your brand identity.
  • Effects: There are various effects to choose from like a shadow, emboss, and bevel. These can be simulated within second with online tools like Shopify, whereas a designer would take time for each iteration and variation.


Unlimited Iterations

Every artist or designer has a set number of iterations that they would work for you. But you aren’t limited by such constraints with an online logo maker. You can tweak and make adjustments as many times as you like.


Such logo makers are completely free, or are very cost effective. When starting your business, go for the online option if you’re on a tight budget.


Unprofessional Look

Sometimes, using an online logo maker ends up creating a logo that looks unprofessional.

Lacks Originality

When a tool creates a logo, it offers multiple options. However, it can still only play around with preset designs. A human designer can think out of the box, and bring in original creativity.

Chance of duplication

Another person using the same tool could create a logo that you created, or something similar to yours. This way, another brand would flash the same logo as yours.

Personal Touch

The logo is something that symbolises your brand and its identity. A human is better to personify and organisation and project it according to the psychology of the target audience instead of a tool.

Copyright Issues

There is always a chance of getting into copyright issues if your logo isn’t entirely original. Another business could get a copyright on an image that matches (even partially) your logo. This would waste your time, and your money if there is a lawsuit.

These are the pros and cons of a free online logo maker. Understand both sides of such tools; this way, you’ll make the right call for your business.

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