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Shattered Planet: the role-playing game is on Google Play Store



Shattered Planet is a free role-playing game released recently by the software house Execution Labs on iOS. A few days ago, however, the title is available to download for Android on Google Play . Let’s find out what it is.

It is essentially a sci-fi role-playing game : Once you choose your character, we throw ourselves in the action directly exploring alien worlds randomly generated each time . We will hunt down dozens of different types of monsters, collecting resources, relics and objects. We will also study new technologies to be deployed during browsing sessions. The controls are based on swipe targeted. The downloading, as already mentioned, is free : it is a free-to-play title supported by in-app purchases.


* A different world every time you play 
* 100+ items, from swords to cookies to grenades 
* Dozens of alien monsters to fight or befriend