Top 3 Horse Jump Designs to build a Course

Whether you own your own private barn, have boarders, or regularly organize and host horse shows, having a variety of professionally designed and maintained jumps adds to the appeal of your facility. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, having a variety of horse jump designs is a great way to attract others as well as ensure a safe and happy experience for everyone. There are many different horse jump designs to choose from.

Top 3 Horse Jump Designs to build a Course

Standards and Rails
These jumps will probably make up the majority of your jumping courses. They include standards, or wings, that are on either side of the jump, and rails that the horse jumps over. You can use two sets of standards to create an oxer or a single set for a vertical jump. The standards or wings, as well as the rails, can be natural, white or painted bright colors.

Rolltops, Coops, Walls and Gates
These types of jumps take the place of the rails in the jump. They are still set between the standards or wings. They create a more solid looking jump. They can be painted to look like a stone or brick wall or have the logo of a sponsor painted on. Rolltops are often covered in artificial turf to create the impression of a natural bank.

Cavaletti are excellent training devices, and it is great to have some on hand for novice horses or riders. They are made up of a small “x” on either side, with a rail affixed between. You can change the height of the cavaletti by placing the rail in the bottom of the “x”, along one side, or on the top. A series of 6 to 8 cavaletti in a row make a great exercise to trot through for the beginning horse and rider.

As you can see, there are many horse jump designs available. Purchasing these jumps from a professional company is cost-effective, as you can be sure the jumps are made with quality material and treated to withstand the abuse of horses and weather.

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