The Advantages of Cloud Computing : Not Just for Businesses

You are probably using cloud computing already without even realising it.  We use it every day when we use a search engine or send webmail. There is amisconception that cloud computing is exclusive to businesses, but as technology such as hosted desktops grows and develops, there are more options becoming available for individuals. Read... more →
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7″ vs. 10″ Tablets : Pros and Cons

With few exceptions, the tablet market is currently divided into two distinct segments: 7″ and 5″ tablets. Tablets with a diagonal of 10″ have been found generally more popular than 7″ ones, one of the explanations being that the first iPad, which has generated the new segment of products had the same size,... more →
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How Does a Network Switch Work ?

An important part of any IT system, a network switch helps to connect different devices within a Local Area Network. While more advanced than a hub in terms of the ways in which a switch can deliver data frames at a stable rate to different devices, network switches lack the higher functions and Internet delivery of a router. It’s... more →
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Top 5 Ways to Protect Your Store Front : Security Tips

If you’ve spent your own time and money building a business, then it’s vital to ensure that you keep your investment secure.  If you own and operate a store, then protecting it in a physical sense is a particularly vital part of this security. To help you do this, we’ve put together a list of the five most effective methods... more →
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